<![CDATA[Gifts Made Special - Blog]]>Wed, 10 Feb 2016 03:18:36 -0800Weebly<![CDATA[Key Points on Choosing the Right Engraved Wedding Gifts in the UK]]>Wed, 10 Feb 2016 09:12:16 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/key-points-on-choosing-the-right-engraved-wedding-gifts-in-the-ukWeddings are festive events that celebrate the official union of the couple, and as a guest, you want to help them commemorate the occasion by showering them with high-quality and memorable gifts. Engraved gifts are among the most preferred presents you can consider for the bride and groom. The key is to choose an engraved wedding gift that they can use while ensuring a high-quality memento of their big day.  

Personalised engraved wedding gifts range from decorative items that the newlyweds can display in their home, to practical products that they can use. You can have the names or initials of the couple engraved on the item, and add other details such as their wedding date and your special message. A good gift lets the recipients know that you have put some thought into choosing a special item for them and that you were thinking about them while having it personalised.

It is important to purchase engraved wedding gifts from a reputable store in the UK. Find an online store that specialises in personalised engraved gifts. Make sure that it offers an express delivery service in case you are in a hurry. Experts recommend that you order your engraved wedding gifts at least a month ahead of the occasion. This way, you do not have to rush when making your choice.

Reputable online personalised engraved gift stores have excellent customer service that can help you pick the right gift to buy. Some of the most popular wedding gifts you can consider are engraved photo frames and a pair of Swarovski crystal glassware, some of which can come with a personalised bottle of wine or champagne. An engraved pitcher jug, crystal clock, or a crystal vase can be practical gifts for newlyweds, too.

<![CDATA[Choosing Elegant Trinket Boxes Online´╗┐]]>Tue, 12 Jan 2016 07:38:03 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/choosing-elegant-trinket-boxes-onlineTrinket boxes make elegant collectibles for people who love to keep small items, jewels, and keepsakes. These special boxes are the perfect hideaway for small mementos, wedding jewellery, and other valuable and meaningful trinkets, tiny heirlooms, and precious stones that you usually just wear on special occasions. People would also use trinket boxes to hold photographs, lockets, and small pieces of family history and other items they hold near and dear to their heart. Online, you will find many different types and styles of trinket boxes built to suit your special storage needs:

• Conch boxes are trinket boxes with jewelled exteriors and cushioned insides to protect jewels and trinkets as well as the interiors of the box from scratches. The crystal embellishments outside come in a wide variety of styles, colours, and designs. These boxes may also have some free space for engraving special messages or the owner's name.

• Shaped trinket boxes can be anything from heart-shaped to oval, floral, or other irregularly shaped figures that provide ample storage space for different types of small items. 

• Patterned trinket boxes are much like traditional trinket boxes embellished with beautiful patterns and other raised accents such as pearls and crystals. These boxes offer an old world feel and appearance and they are perfect for keeping heirloom pieces safe.

• Crystal trinket boxes are made out of glass or crystal or some type of mirrored surface to add extra shine. These boxes are also great for engraving and adding other personal touches. They make excellent storage boxes for wedding jewels and work well as elegant displays in homes and living spaces. 

• Silver plated trinket boxes are the best type of trinket boxes for custom engraving. They also often feature ornate details, but engravings provide a great way to commemorate specific occasions and dates.
<![CDATA[Ways to Acquire fabulous personalised cufflinks for men]]>Fri, 04 Dec 2015 09:17:43 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/ways-to-acquire-fabulous-personalised-cufflinks-for-menIf you are planning to gift someone cufflinks, it may be a good idea to go with personalised ones that are engraved with their name or words or palm prints or foot prints. Giving cufflinks is always a great idea whether on Christmas or birthdays and even weddings. Quite a few specialised gifting websites store a fabulous range of products for you to choose from to gift your father, brother friend or uncle.

Benefits of gifting personalised cufflinks
•    The utility factor is the obvious first reason when you gift someone personalised engraved cufflinks. Well-designed cufflinks add to the style of a dress and can make a difference between looking good and looking great. If fact, you might consider presenting a pair of cufflinks to your friend who is getting married. He can wear the cufflinks with the wedding suit or tuxedo.

•    Personalised cufflinks provide their unique charm to the suit. The receiver will have no other cufflinks with such personalised messages or prints, making them truly unique.

•    Personalised gifts are ageless. The cufflinks will be treasured as a token of love and friendship for years to come.

•    You can inscribe a beautiful message on the cufflinks or can also ask the service provider to engrave any symbol as a mark of a personalised touch.

Consider these points when you are shopping online
•    Explore the variety of cufflinks rather than hurrying to buy the first one you like. When you are shopping online from the comfort of your home or office or on the go, you can take out some spare time to look more closely at the shortlisted cufflinks and then make your choice. Make sure, you are selecting a great looking but classy set of cufflinks.

•    Compare the sites to check the engraving services and the rates. If you are offered the same service at a much better rate, you should opt for that rather. Just make sure there are no hidden costs.

•    Choose a website that stores a range of cufflinks and other items – they will offer more variety and also offer combo deals such as a set of cufflinks and tie pin or tie clip, etc.
<![CDATA[How to get fabulous engraved cufflinks for men online]]>Wed, 07 Oct 2015 06:07:11 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/how-to-get-fabulous-engraved-cufflinks-for-men-onlineCufflinks are very interesting pieces of accessories that can make any man’s outfit more polished and personal. This is why cufflinks make excellent gifts—whether to someone special, to yourself, or even to all the male members of your wedding party.  You can easily order cufflinks online and have them engraved with initials or even a date. Personalised cufflinks are fabulous keepsakes that will surely be appreciated. Here are some tips on getting them online:

1. Purchase from a retailer that offers engraving services.
You should be able to request engraving services online. The best retailers are specialist-engravers; they have the best tools and technologies to ensure elegant engraving on all the gift items they carry.  

2. Go for silver cufflinks.
They are timeless and engrave beautifully. They also go very well with clothes in darker suits such as deep browns and blacks, as well as crisp white French cuff shirts. They also pair well with dark bows and ties. Any man will appreciate a pair of beautiful silver cufflinks with engraved his initials.

3. Round or geometric?
The answer depends on the occasion and personal preference. In general, relaxed events call for cufflinks that are more rounded and curved, but more formal events call for cufflinks in straight lines as well as classic geometric shapes. You will also find cufflinks for every day wear, and they are usually simpler and understated. For ultra-formal occasions, go for cufflinks with semi-precious stones. Look at them like jewellery—it’s okay to wear something shinier for a special event, after all.

4. Finish is everything.
There is nothing wrong with buying silver or gold ‘plated’ pair of cufflinks for as long as the finish is impeccable. Stay away from cheap cufflinks that look like they have been ‘painted’ silver or gold, as they tarnish very easily and can even flake off. Cheap cufflinks are also impossible to engrave. This is why the best engraved gifts shops sell only high quality plated cufflinks.]]>
<![CDATA[Select the best personalised hip flasks for weddings occasions]]>Wed, 05 Aug 2015 08:58:04 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/select-the-best-personalised-hip-flasks-for-weddings-occasionsPicture
Weddings are the perfect excuse to get families and friends together and celebrate life. They are also great occasions to show your generosity through gifts and favours that will help remind your guests or your wedding party about the fun time that was your wedding celebration. Planning the finer details of a wedding is an enjoyable time if you are creative with your choices. 

Planning what gifts to buy your best friends, bridesmaids, and groomsmen shouldn't be an all-too-difficult time. Some favourite options for groom's party include personalised hip flasks and cufflinks, which most, if not all men can find great use for. For an added touch, you can have these items engraved with the recipient's initials or something meaningful and reminiscent of your times. 

Hip flasks can be found in all shapes and sizes in the market. Smaller ones like classic 4 or 6-ounce flasks in silver, or stainless steel are widely available, including those with gold badges and other interesting embellishments. Some even come with leather covers and plates, which can also be engraved on. Hip flask shapes are also many, ranging from round to square, and even cylindrical ones. Classic hip flasks that fit perfectly into pants and jacket pockets are perfect for those who love carrying shots of their favourite drinks around. 

Personalised hip flasks are not only great as wedding favours and groomsmen gifts. They also make awesome presents for all kinds of occasions, from Christmas celebrations to coming of age birthdays and even Father's day. These simple yet elegant gifts can easily be ordered online from stores that specialise in personalised gifts. The best ones don't even charge extra for their engraving services, so you can add a personal touch to your gifts without going over your set budget. They even offer many other items to go along your hip flask gift idea.

<![CDATA[Engraved wedding cufflinks - best wedding gifts for men]]>Tue, 07 Jul 2015 09:25:06 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/engraved-wedding-cufflinks-best-wedding-gifts-for-menPicture
Cufflinks are popular gifts for men and they can be given on any special occasion, especially on weddings. Engraved wedding cufflinks are perfect when you want to provide a memorable and personalised memento for the groomsmen, best man, the father of the bride, and the groom himself. Your gift will surely be appreciated, letting you express your gratitude to the men who supported you on your wedding day.

Cufflinks come in many different shapes and styles, and an engraving can make them more special and unique. Engraved cufflinks can bear the name or the initials of your recipients. Reputable engraved gifts specialists provide chrome cases, which can be personalised with an engraving, too. For a special touch, have a personal message engraved on the case. The service is usually free when you order from the right personalised and engraved gifts online store.

Personalised silver cufflinks are preferred for their simplicity and elegance. Gold plated ones are excellent alternatives to silver if you prefer something more luxurious or if the colour suits your wedding theme better. There are cufflinks that combine silver faces and gold edges, too. Some cufflink designs are more modern and stylish, like those with colour enamel, crystals, and hand and foot imprints. Contemporary styles include two-tone and USB cufflinks.

It can be challenging to buy wedding gifts for men, but engraved cufflinks are some of the classiest choices you can consider because they are practical and versatile. They can be worn on other occasions, not just your wedding. Cufflinks can easily transform a generic business suit into something dapper and can make the wearer feel well groomed. Personalised cufflinks make great conversation starters as well. Want to make them even more special? Order engraved trinket boxes with the cufflinks.

<![CDATA[Personalised Anniversary gifts - give anniversary wishes in an unusual way]]>Wed, 10 Jun 2015 11:31:46 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/personalised-anniversary-gifts-give-anniversary-wishes-in-an-unusual-wayPicture
Personalised Anniversary gifts can make the occasion more memorable. Your gift will always be remembered and appreciated, and your loved one will always look back on your anniversary and your wedding day with a smile. Engraved Anniversary gifts allow you to express your best wishes in an unusual way, and they can help capture and preserve the magic of the moment.

Anniversary gifts are a great way to show how much you love and care for your partner. Many engraved anniversary gifts are elegant and can be worn proudly. For example, a pair of silver rectangle cufflinks can be customised with initials and the date of your anniversary. A silver heart locket can be engraved with a special message on the front. A pearl necklace or a crystal heart pendant can be presented in a personalised gift box, which can be engraved with a special message, too.

Glassware and stemware are excellent anniversary gifts. A pair of personalised Swarovski heart flutes encourages celebration. You can add a bottle of champagne with a customised label, too. Alternatively, you can consider a pair of crystal whisky glasses or personalised pint crystal tankards. Personalised glassware and stemware can be presented in a luxurious silk-lined box to make a stunning gift.

The simplest gifts can become more special when personalised for an anniversary. Authentic newspapers, anniversary newspapers with a hardback, and decade newspapers will impress and amuse your loved one. Some personalised gifts specialists will wrap the original newspaper in tissue and present it in a luxurious pale blue embossed gift box. A certificate of authenticity will come with the gift and you can have it personalised with the occasion, a special message, and the name of your loved one to make it even more memorable.

<![CDATA[Add Flair to your choice with personalised cufflinks]]>Tue, 12 May 2015 07:07:17 GMThttp://giftsmadespecial.weebly.com/blog/add-flair-to-your-choice-with-personalised-cufflinksPicture
Cufflinks ideally wear with formal suits, but they can add flair to any outfit and transform an ordinary look into something luxurious and quirky. The design of the cufflink can influence the type of look that you want to achieve when you wear them. Personalised cufflinks are often versatile for any outfit, especially engraved silver or gold, regardless of their shape or type. You can have them engraved with the recipient's name or initials, or a date or symbol that is meaningful to him.

Personalised silver cufflinks in any shape are an excellent gift. The best gift specialists can engrave a date or a name on each cufflink to signify the special occasion. Silver cufflinks can be more special when packaged in a chrome gift box. There are professional engravers that can put a special message in the box, which will then be slipped into an elegant gift pouch to make the entire gift presentable. The same options apply to personalised silver cufflinks and other types and shapes.

Engraving is an elegant way to personalise cufflinks. Professional engravers use high-quality engraving equipment with a diamond tipped stylus to ensure a smooth finish and clear text, logo, image, or photo. The gift store should be able to deliver your orders in three to five working days. Some engraved gift specialists can provide express next-day and Saturday delivery services at an extra cost.

Silver plated cufflinks with crystals add a luxurious flair to your outfit. The brilliance of crystals goes well with the high polished finish on the face. Rectangular cufflinks can be engraved with initials, a date, or a name. For groomsmen, consider a pair of engraved silver brushed and polished cufflinks, which can be personalised with initials, a short name, or the wedding date.